How are you feeling?

Overwhelmed by the Covid situation?

Bullying or being bullied?

Having family problems?

Unsure if you are being abused in some way?

Anxious in social situations?

Coping with Covid

Having low self-esteem or body image concerns?

Afraid when at school or work?

Do you want to run away?

Pressured to try drugs or alcohol?

Experiencing grief or loss?

Racist behaviour
Bullying Help with one of the horses

Experiencing trauma in some way?

Unable to cope with life?

Experiencing racism in any form?

Lonely or isolated?

Having suicidal thoughts?

Anger Management

Have thoughts of self-harming?

A Supporter needing support?

Pressurised to “be perfect” all the time?

Anxious some or all of the time?



Our Founder and Director, Wendy, has a special way with humans and horses alike and is a true force of nature!…

family issues

We assist troubled teenagers, teenagers in trouble and vulnerable adults who need help, support and guidance…

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We offer a bespoke selection of HEART Equine-Assisted Therapy, educational and learning programmes…

man with pony

We love hearing from those we’ve helped. We’ve put some of our Testimonials and case studies on our website…

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Healing Hearts and Minds with Horses C.I.C. has evolved from its sister company, the HEART Centre…


Our Centre is home to our herd and is where our face-to-face sessions, courses and workshops take place…

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Our Horses

We could not do what we do without our very much-loved horses. Like us, they come in all shapes and sizes…

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Our team of dedicated and experienced Staff and our Coaches are fundamental to the success of the Company…

Complimentary Telephone Session

If you’re not sure that our approach is right for you (or the person you are responsible for) we are happy to offer you a complimentary 15 minute telephone consultation to allay any concerns or answer any questions you may have.