Are you Experiencing Racism?

Are you experiencing racism?

Racism can happen anywhere in the world and has been going on for ages. Being treated differently because of race, ethnicity, cultural background, or skin colour is not okay, being abused either verbally or physically about the way someone looks is not acceptable. Experiencing racism can negatively affect your mental health. 

You can experience racism at school, work or even at home within families and relationships. Racism has become a part of the system. People often forget that everyone is human despite their skin colour or racial-cultural background. It is just the way a person is born, and discrimination is not ok. You can talk to a teacher at school, a friend or a family member.

Experiencing racism can make a person feel very lonely and isolated. Treated in a certain way can affect our mental wellbeing and make us feel personally attacked, helpless or like our lives don’t matter.

Equine-assisted therapy can help people overcome these negativities and offer support services to our students.

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What is Equine therapy?

Equine therapy is a healing process that involves equine activities and an equine environment to promote physical, occupational, and emotional growth in people having emotional difficulties, anxiety, or lack of confidence. 

Equine-assisted therapy allows people receiving therapy to spend time around horses, with a mental health professional and an expert horse handler to provide many mental and physical health benefits to enhance the quality of life and overall wellbeing. 

How equine therapy works? 

The individual undergoing therapy is expected to complete a given task to the best of their ability and then discuss the thought process with the mental health professional. The process of listening to the instructor to complete a given task helps the individual to enhance their interpersonal skills.

The process involves interaction with horses that helps in self-love and development. The activity encourages a person to be present and focused. One can learn self-acceptance, respect and develop self-esteem through therapy.

Why equine therapy for racism?

Horses are amazing, empathetic animals. They do not judge people or their racial background. They do not care if a person has white, black, or brown skin or where he/she comes from.

They are incredibly tolerant and not at all biased, unlike some humans. They care for the love you give them and love you back unconditionally. To a horse, we’re all equal. There is no race, no gender, no class and certainly no colour.

If you experience racism or if a person or group makes you feel inferior or ashamed of your background, it is important to make sure you’re mentally and physically safe. More often than not, people succumb to societal proclivity.

Your cultural background and race is an integral part of who you are, and you should be proud of it. Growing up in a place where people are inclined towards racism can be hard to live with. To experience racism at school can be tough and shouldn’t happen, racial discrimination for someone’s skin colour should be reported.

Racism can make you feel depressed and worthless. Not everyone opens up to family and friends if they experienced racism and that can worsen the situation leading to anxiety and depression.

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Are you experiencing racism?

People we have Helped

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Equine therapy can be a turnaround for people who are marginalized and are going through these difficulties. The therapy helps people overcome racial supremacy and inferiority complexes. 

People often fail to express racist problems either because of the fear that the other person may not reciprocate properly or with the fear of being turned down.

It is important to speak up to parents or other family members or even friends and you should never be afraid to speak up about something if it’s wrong. If racism has affected you and you have been made to feel inadequate because of your race, you may need further support.

The therapy helps improve someone’s communication skills and stand up for what is right. Having a difficult conversation is pivotal. It makes you feel better. 

Overcoming racism with equine therapy:

Equine therapy helps people overcome the racial difference and create a foundation for self-acceptance and moving forward. Horses are not racist.

Whether you are a child being bullied at school for your skin colour or you are someone being mistreated at work. Racism can poison your mental state. Racism is an existential threat to humankind, and racial inequality poses fragility including the tendency to become angry and excessively sensitive in response. 

At Healing Hearts and Minds, you will feel loved and welcomed by our horses. Equine-assisted therapy will help you develop a greater sense of self-love and self-respect. It enhances and strengthens and your ability to adapt more smoothly to the outer world.

Horses are non-judgmental and genuinely affectionate beings, and you will find yourself being happier around the horses. They don’t hold a grudge. They sense your emotional energies and comfort you with love. Amidst our green open farm and fresh air, you will be able to explore your inner feelings and communicate them and overcome them with the help of mental health professional.

Benefits of equine therapy:

The therapy will focus on what triggers an individual and develop healthy ways for people to express emotional difficulties, frustration and other baggage’s.

Horses teach us about belonging and caring. Horses mirror and interpret human behaviour and help counsellor focus on the groundwork to help an individual to open so they start living a higher quality of life.

You will feel relaxed at Healing hearts and mind. You will find yourself at peace amidst our equine friends. You are more likely to share things that disturb you and overcome them at the same time.

Horses react to our energies and pick up on our emotions. The way they respond helps a person to generate a natural reaction and try to be more patient or calm in the presence of a horse.

No matter what your colour, race or cultural background is, you are equal to the horse. You will receive utmost love from these empathetic beings.

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