Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, although Healing Hearts and Minds with Horses CIC is aimed particularly at children and vulnerable adults.

That’s okay. We take things very slowly and introduce you to the quietest horses and ponies first (Abel is amazing at confidence-giving and has helped even the most terrified feel calm and relaxed).

No. We teach you to understand horse body language and basic horsemanship skills. We start you off with kind, confidence-giving horses and ponies. All our equines love their job of helping you.

Usually not, but there are bespoke therapeutic riding programmes available both for individuals and organisations.

Since we provide bespoke services please contact us for a quote.

Yes we do have parking; a few spaces outside the gates and several within the Centre. Please note that cars are parked at your own risk.

Sturdy footwear (with a heel if riding), gloves are good for leading the horses. Comfortable clothes. We recommend layers because sessions take place both inside and out. Dress for English weather; hailstones to heatwave! If the weather is hot please ensure a head-covering (eg cap) is worn and sunscreen used.