Our Company

What is a C.I.C?

A Community Interest Company (or C.I.C.) is a special form of non-charitable limited company, which exists primarily to benefit a community or with a view to pursuing a social purpose, rather than to make a profit for shareholders.

Healing Hearts and Minds with Horses C.I.C. is proud to be a Community Interest Company.

What do we do?

The Company offers a unique range of HEART Equine-Assisted programmes dedicated to vulnerable children and adults who feel scared, stressed or insecure to help them feel safe, strong and supported.

How do we do this?

By providing our bespoke, HEART Equine-Assisted Therapy, coaching and learning programmes ranging from one-to-one sessions to group workshops to suit the unique needs of both individuals and organisations.

These services can be provided at our Ockham-based Centre (close to Guildford, Surrey) or, alternatively, by telephone or video sessions. We can also come to you if this is necessary

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Once upon a time….

A little black pony called Tiggy came in to Wendy’s life when she was 12 years old. They formed a close bond and little did the pair know that this would be the beginning of something very special.

Not only did Tiggy help Wendy get through her own troubled childhood, but the pony started helping other children too. In order to stop her parents selling Tiggy (due to financial difficulties), Wendy’s instinctive “child-preneurial” skills came into play and she began selling time with her pony and and teaching her friends “how to ride” – even though the extent of her knowledge at that time was only “heels down, toes up”!

Fast forward thirty years and Wendy was well into her stride, teaching people to ride at her own “proper” riding school. Meanwhile, she was dealing with many difficult personal challenges that were highlighted through her horses’ reactions and behaviours.

By learning how to overcome her own fears and challenges with the help of the horses, Wendy was able to dramatically transform her life. She took this further with riders who were struggling with confidence issues, which then evolved into non-ridden therapeutic sessions.

In the early 1990’s Wendy’s first Equine-Assisted Therapy programme was born. This grew into the HEART Equine-Assisted Therapeutic Coaching programme which now forms the core part of her message.

As the demand for Wendy’s healing and services grew, it became necessary to create clarity around the services and the people she could help and so Healing Hearts and Minds with Horses C.I.C. was formed.

Healing Hearts and Minds With Horses C.I.C. specifically has come about to assist those who need financial support to access the services offered.

Furthermore, Wendy’s HEART at Work corporate leadership/team building programme allows companies to invest in supporting those who otherwise would be unable to benefit from the help offered by Healing Hearts and Minds with Horses C.I.C.

Who we partner with

We work alongside a variety of councils, charities and organisations and we also accept private referrals.

Our Mission Statement

To help those struggling with life’s challenges feel safe, supported and strong.

Our Values

The Buster Group of Companies

Healing Hearts and Minds With Horses C.I.C. is one of the Buster Group of Companies which comprises:

The Holistic Horse and Pony Centre

The Holistic Horse and Pony Centre is the foundation company from which Healing Hearts and Minds with Horses C.I.C. has evolved.

The HHPC is a specialist riding centre that helps new, nervous and novice riders feel calm, confident and capable. What makes the Centre unique is that riders are offered the opportunity to have the “whole experience”.

This involves being given time to groom and get to know the horse before riding and this, we find, helps improve confidence and creates a connection between rider and horse.

The HHPC adopts a holistic approach to the care of its horses. They are able to live as a herd, outside in large fields, and then come in every day to be checked over or worked with.


The HEART Centre

The HEART Centre is the general therapeutic, coaching and educational side of the business.

Wendy privately coaches clients from all walks of life to assist them to transform their lives by showing them how, with the horses’ help, to overcome their trials and tribulations.

Wendy also runs one-day workshops and 3-day retreats with the horses. For the more committed student her flagship HEART Self-Mastery Foundation course is phenomenally successful in changing lives.

Many students are so inspired by working with the horses that they then go on to become HEART Equine-Assisted Facilitators and Coaches.


Spiritual Solutions for
Planetary Problems

Wendy’s vast experience as a Metaphysician, qualified to Supervisor and Teacher levels, is the spiritual basis for her therapeutic coaching and counselling methods.

Spiritual Solutions is the ideal online answer for people who are unable to attend the HEART Centre courses, workshops or one-to-one sessions in person.

Ranging from webinars, Zoom calls and telephone coaching to a variety of online courses, Wendy’s therapeutic coaching and spiritual wisdom is available to all worldwide.

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Licences and Insurance

The Centre is fully Licensed with Guildford Borough Council and is Insured by Ravenhall Risk Solutions Ltd.