Wanting to run away?

Wanting to run away?

Helpless, hopeless, clueless, stuck, burned out, we’ve all been there. But is running away from everything your only option? 

Yes, life can get hard sometimes. You might not be able to reach your goal. You might be stuck at a job you absolutely hate. Perhaps, you’re single and tired of being on your own, or perhaps, fed up with the monotonous relationship. Whatever the reason may be, shunning away people, and shutting away from life is not the answer. Taking a break from your routine might work for some but, only until the same downward spiral sucks you in again and leave you right where you started. Equine therapy can help you overcome this vicious circle by healing your emotional stresses.

Do you yearn to leave behind everything and just run away?

Life is a work-in progress. It is messy, complex and wonderful all at the same time. Sometimes you love it, and other times you loathe it. Somedays you’re grateful for the life you live and somedays you plot an escape. There is always an urge to escape, as that inclination seems easy.

It is not always about the escape from reality. It is not just an overload of personal problems and challenging life circumstances, it is also about human need to feel safe, whole and anchored.

Running away from a place is rather easy. But running away from the baggage it carries is not. Equine-assisted therapy helps you learn to deal with these emotional difficulties, depression and claustrophobia.  

Overcoming the desire to run away with equine-therapy:

More often than not, an unpleasant circumstance or a situation fuels a person’s desire to run away. People wanting to run away are usually stressed or burnt out with the day-to-day struggles and desperately seek a way out. Equine therapy helps you to escape the current reality without physically running away. 

Sometimes, we need to step back, take a deep breath, and take some time to out for ourselves. Spending time in the nature, amidst our loving horses can help you clear out your mind and help you switch your brains off.

Equine-therapy will help you learn to balance things and combat against burnout and depression. 

What is equine-therapy?

Animals are the most therapeutic beings. Equine therapy is a healing process which involves equine-assisted activities and equine environment to promote physical, occupational, and emotional growth in people having emotional difficulties, anxiety, or lack of confidence. 

Equine-assisted therapy allows people to spend time around horses alongside a mental health professional and an expert horse handler to provide many mental and physical health benefits to enhance the overall quality of life. 

How equine therapy works? 

The individual undergoing therapy is expected to complete a given task to the best of their ability and then discuss the thought process with the mental health professional. The process of listening to the instructor to complete a given task, helps the individual to enhance their inter-personal skills. The process involves interaction with horses that helps in self-love and development. The activity encourages a person to be present and focused. One can learn self-love, acceptance, respect and develop self-esteem through the therapy.

How equine therapy help people gain control over the desire to run away: 

There is no specific reason for a person to feel the need to escape from the current reality. Sometimes, spending too much time around too many people, can feel overwhelming. Our heads get burned out, we can’t think clearly, and makes us want to escape and be alone.

You might even feel guilty for wanting to run away from whom you want space, it can be your spouse or even your children. But taking time to recharge oneself and declutter the thought process is essential. 

Horses are the most genuine and empathetic animals. They’re non-judgemental, tolerant and unbiased. They sense human energies and emotions and reflect it right back at you like a mirror. Humans tend to be more open and happier while interacting with animals.

For various reasons, people tend to hide their feelings and emotions from others because of the fear of judgement and denial. Equine therapy helps you cope with the reality. 

Undergoing equine-therapy in a green, calm and open space can help you clear your mind and make you feel rejuvenated. The healing process with horses help you grow self-love, trust, affection, empathy, confidence and self-control.

Does equine therapy have an age bar?

Feeling the need to run away has no specific age limit. Likewise, there is no age limit for equine therapy. You could be a troubled teenager from a broken home, or a struggling youth living under societal pressures. It could be a stressed-out businessman, a tired mother or a college student.

Living the monotonous life with various obligations and responsibilities can be overwhelming with the piling everyday stresses of life. Leading a stressful life can cause burn out that ultimately leads to the desire to run away. Mental health is as important as physical health. An exhausted emotional, physical, and mental state caused by excessive stress can make anyone want to give up and live the seemingly easy life. But it is not that easy. 

Running away from life’s obligations is never the solution. Rather, taking time out of the busy schedule and taking break from the chaotic lifestyle can be rewarding.
Equine therapy helps you overcome these negativities. It can make a monumental difference to your way of living. The emotions hiding under the rock need not be suppressed. In the presence of the horse, you will feel the calm and react to the therapy even more.

The therapy opens a new dimension in life. It helps you avoid the inevitable stress buildup and learn to balance life. Talking to a therapist in the presence of horse can help you find relief. You will learn coping strategies through the session and live a happy life as you enjoy it.

Therapy is a personal experience, and not everyone will seek the same things. But it can surely help you overcome your psychological claustrophobia or the desire to run away. 

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