About Wendy Firmin-Price

Wendy Firmin-Price

Who She Is

Wendy Firmin-Price is a spiritual life coach, international speaker and award-winning author of The HEART of Stable Relationships.

She transforms people’s lives, relationships and confidence levels through the Healing Power of Horses.

By sharing successful spiritual principles, the importance of self-love and spending time with her special herd of horses, Wendy transports you on a journey of Self-Discovery and Self-Mastery with magical and life-changing results to all your relationships in the home, at work and with yourself.

As a pioneer of working with horses therapeutically from 1990, initially to help riders overcome their fear and increase their confidence, Wendy Firmin-Price has gone on to provide both non-ridden therapeutic coaching programmes and healing with horses.

These completely unique sessions have enabled children, families and adults of all ages to totally transform even the most difficult and seemingly hopeless situations.

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How It All Began

Wendy’s own journey began when she was given Tiggy, a 12.2hh little black Welsh mountain pony for her 12th birthday.

Little did she know that he was going to be the catalyst for her own adventure of self-discovery and also be her relationship teacher for over 30 years!

Helping her through her own difficult and painful childhood, Tiggy was, for Wendy, the real pioneer of HEART Equine-Assisted Therapy.

Wendy freely admits that if it wasn’t for her having to be responsible for the care and cost of her little black pony, she could easily have ended up going down a very different path in life – probably that of drugs, alcohol or other unsavoury pastimes.

Tiggy went on to teach Wendy so much about relationships, communication, connection and commitment. Tiggy lived to the grand old age of 35 years!

Since then, Wendy Firmin-Price has been custodian to dozens of horses of her own and hundreds of others have been lucky enough to come into her care over her 50 years of horsewomanship.

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What She Does

Wendy’s experience with so many different horses makes her uniquely qualified to share exactly how the horses you may work with are aiming to help you help yourself.

Understanding “horse-anilities” and what they might be reflecting or how they could be helping you heal, is an art form that Wendy is forever honing.

Wendy’s flagship course, the HEART Self-Mastery Foundation Course, and the HEART Equine-Assisted Therapeutic Coach training programmes are hugely transformative and highly-sought after for those wishing to seriously upgrade their life and help other people with the healing power of horses.

Wendy’s passion for helping people shines through in her unique style of warmth, wit, her wonderful horses and her famous “Wendyisms”!

More About Wendy Firmin-Price

Her highly-acclaimed work has been featured on BBC Radio 4’s All in the Mind, the Daily Mail, plus many magazines and she is a regular speaker at events.

Her qualifications include: Metaphysical Practitioner (Supervisor and Teacher level), Relationship Healer, HEART Equine-Assisted Therapist and Trainer and Spiritual Mentor.  She is an avid horsewoman, qualified riding instructor BHSI(T) and proprietor of The Holistic Horse and Pony Centre in Surrey which also incorporates the Holistic Learning Centre and the HEART Equine-Assisted Therapy Centre.

Wendy’s latest venture has been to create Healing Hearts and Minds with Horses, a Community Interest Company, which aims to help a variety of children and vulnerable adults who need support and guidance.

If you are interested in finding out more information on our work and how Healing Hearts and Minds with Horses can help either you or a friend or family that may be feeling stressed, scared or struggling  to feel safe, strong and supported. They may benefit from our help, so please get in touch with us here