Anger Management

Do you have a hot temper? Do you fume when someone cuts you off mid conversation? Does your blood pressure rocket when someone refuses to cooperate with you? You may benefit from anger management.

Anger is a normal emotion. It is rather a healthy emotion just like any other human emotion, provided you know how to handle it in a positive way. However, most people fail at it which eventually takes toll on their mental health and relationships because of the uncontrolled rage.

Which is why equine therapy is known to be the treatment there is to heal your anger issues and help express your anger and control your anger and aggression. It can help you deal with anger, and help with controlling anger before it controls you.

Anger Management
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What is Anger?

It is a very normal emotion you experience as a fleeting frustration or as fuming rage. It is totally human and gives you ways to express your negative feelings.

However, uncontrolled anger can be destructive and cause health issues and physical symptoms. Some signs of anger include; increased blood pressure, heart disease and impact mental health, cause problems at work or in your personal relationships, and hijack the overall quality of your life. Learning to control your anger is key to help you to deal with your anger issues. Learn to control anger and aggression in a different way, and express your anger through alternative means to help improve your mental health and anger management skills.

Anger and aggression can cause you stress and play on your emotions and feelings of guilt for being angry are beyond your control. When you feel angry it can be difficult to control and feelings can be overwhelming. Anger Management is key to moving forward into changing your lifestyle.

Adults and children deal with anger management in different ways. Some are aggressive, violent, angry, out of control or some cope by completely ignoring people. It is important to identify anger management techniques which may help you to control your anger and behaviour to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Find out what makes you feel angry, find a word or phrase that makes you feel calm or some relaxation techniques.

How to Tame Anger with Equine Therapy? 

More often than not, controlling rage can be harder than you thought and can get out of your hands. While some are expressive, others may be passive. Passive aggression is worse than direct aggression. An individual may feel passive aggression is a safer or more polite way to get the things done the way they want. However, it is only going to have more negative impact than do you any good. 

It is a known fact that you cannot think straight when you’re angry. But people often fail to accept a flaw, be it you, your partner, your growing teenage kid, parents, or anyone close to you. People having anger issues need to be calmed for their own good.

When controlling anger becomes a challenge, interacting with a human therapist cannot always be as comfortable, but seeking equine assistance can help you in innumerable ways. It helps people control their emotions in a better way. Anger Management treatment will help you to understand yourself and your triggers.

What is Equine-Assisted Therapy?

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What is equine therapy? 

Equine-facilitated is a therapeutic process that involves working in collaboration with a horse. The experience allows individuals to engage in activities like feeding, grooming and leading a horse while being monitored by a mental health professional and an expert horse handler.

Equine-facilitated therapy and interacting with horses help people explore their feelings, help individuals to calm down, connect, communicate, and strengthen their personal relationships. 

An equine therapy can help you cope with the reality. Horses are very instinctive, they sense human emotional energies and feelings. You cannot delude a horse, as they sense emotions that lurk beneath the fake-self and mirror them back to you. They respond without pretence and with a treatment like this, you will exactly know where you stand. 

Coping with Anger Management in Equine Therapy and what to Expect:

Words do more damage than you know. It is important to think before you speak. In the heat of the moment, you end up saying things which you will regret later.

Equine therapy helps you calm down. Horses are the most affectionate and empathetic beings. Yes, the process can take time as you will be interacting with horse. You will learn to be more patient, understanding and loving. 

This therapeutic healing process with horses will help you grow mutual trust, affection, empathy, respect, confidence, communication skills and self-control.

Humans tend to be more open and happier while interacting with animals. As they are non-judgmental, unbiased and genuinely affectionate beings. 

Unlike humans, animals don’t hold a grudge. There is no ego. It is all about pure unconditional love. It teaches you relaxation skills when you feel angry and your temper flares. The session will encourage you to relax in our farm surrounded with greenery, fresh air and ever- loving horses. 

The horses will teach you how to examine triggers and develop healthy ways for people to express angry feelings, angry outbursts, annoyance and frustration without hurting others. Uncontrolled anger can be hurtful to others, learning to control your feelings and express anger differently will help. Control your anger and aggression and deal with anger using an alternative treatment of horses, a very calming animal can be good for your mental health and disperse angry feelings.

Equine therapy for healing troubled minds at Healing Heart and Minds

Anger has no age bar. It can be an enraged teen who is sent for anger management for getting into trouble at school, it can be an employee for getting mad at the another at work, or even a passive aggressive person trying to cover the emotion by doing things in a certain way.

Equine assisted therapy can help you heal beyond your imagination. Healing Hearts and Minds – is an open farm and not clinical psychologist’s office. Here you not an enraged kid who got punished, or an aggressive employee. Horses do not bias you. To them, you are just another human being needing anger management help.

Your relationship with a horse helps your growth along with the awareness of yourself and your world. The experience enhances the natural rhythm between mind and body and allows you to grow and heal through your emotional difficulties. 

Words cannot do justice to how horses teach us about belonging, caring and sharing, and the great feeling they can give to your mental health.

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Benefits of Equine Therapy

In addition to anger management, equine therapy can also help you deal with psycho-social and mental-health needs including anxiety, psychotic, behavioural difficulties, depression, mental illnesses like schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder and life changing events that include divorce, grief, loss or environmental changes.

It’s only a matter of time to bond with the horses after you meet them. The horses mirror and interpret human behaviour and help the counsellor to focus on groundwork to help an individual to open so they start living a higher quality of life.

Help us to help you deal with your anger management problems to improve your health and mental wellbeing.

People at Healing heart and mind feel very relaxed. A person is more likely to share things that disturb them at a calmer place. Horses react to our energies and pick up on our emotions. It is known to be a part of their survival instinct. The way they respond helps a person to generate a natural reaction and helps an enraged person to soften their approach as they build a connection with the horse and try to be more patient or calm in the horse’s presence.

Come experience the holistic way of treating emotional baggage and anger management issues with our fantastic herd!