Our Centre

Many times children struggle with home life being difficult.

Our Healing Hearts And Minds With Horses C.I.C. home is a special place; a safe, happy place.

“This is my second home”.

“I feel safe to be me”.

The quotes above are often heard from our regular visitors.

Are you experiencing racism?

The Holistic Horse and Pony Centre & The HEART Centre

Nestled in a little village and set in 50 acres of beautiful Surrey countryside is the home of Healing Hearts and Minds with Horses C.I.C, where anxious souls can each find a haven of peace and calm away from the storms of their life.

The Centre provides a natural environment for humans and horses to gently work together.

The Centre is located just minutes from Junction 10 on the M25. Horsley Rail Station is about 10 minutes by taxi or half an hour walk away.

The friendly, informal atmosphere of our Centre allows you to feel at ease straight away and our horses are keen to welcome you too.

In addition to the therapy side of the business the Holistic Horse and Pony Centre provides the horses for both the HEART Centre and Healing Hearts and Minds with Horses C.I.C. to work with.

The horses live a semi-natural life in herds, coming in for a few hours each day to be checked over or to support our clients.

Many have come from challenging backgrounds too, and so make the perfect partner to support your healing journey.

Caesar Honey scaled 1
Horse Daisy Flo

Our facilities comprise:

  • A private indoor learning area that seats 12-15 people
  • A treatment room for individual sessions
  • An all-weather outdoor riding school
  • A beautiful, outdoor space in nature with trees, fields and open grassland


Although we are fortunate to have an abundance of natural open space (we find that this is where the best work happens), we are currently raising funds to build an indoor facility to enable work to continue in inclement weather.