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Bullying affects over one million children and young people every year, and anyone can be bullied whether adult or child, and it can have an impact on your mental health. Young people

What is Bullying?

If somebody physically hurts you or verbally abuses you, that’s bullying. 

Types of bullying can include:

  • Bullying because you are different
  • Bullying because of your sexual orientation, beliefs, skin colour, or faith
  • Bullying can be a one-off or it can be continuous. It can happen to anyone


Bullying can include:

  • Name Calling
  • Hitting
  • Pushing
  • Spreading Rumours
  • Threatening or undermining someone


Bullying can happen anywhere – at home, school, work, or online which is called cyberbullying. But no matter how alone you feel, there is always someone you can turn to for help or talk to.

Bullying can affect your self-esteem as a young person and isolate you from friends.

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When is it Bullying?

Most kids get teased by a sibling or friend at some point. It is not usually harmful when done in a playful, friendly, and mutual way if both people find it funny. But when it becomes hurtful, unkind, and constant it crosses the line into bullying and needs to stop.

Bullying is intentional tormenting in a physical, verbal or psychological way.

Why do people Bully Others?

There are many reasons why someone would bully. Sometimes they pick on someone weaker than them emotionally or physically, or they just appear different in some way to make them feel more important, popular, or in control. Although some bullies are sometimes bigger or stronger than their victims this is not always the case.

Some people bully others as a result of how they are being treated themselves or have been treated. They sometimes think their behavior is normal because of the environment they live in.

How Bullying can affect people

Bullying can have a huge effect on people. It can make you feel isolated and worthless, lonely, anxious, angry, or lacking self-confidence. You could feel one, some, or all of these feelings if you are being bullied.

Some people who are experiencing bullying can feel depressed, anxious, or develop eating problems. They could self-harm or turn to drugs and alcohol.

Bullying in any form is hurtful and unacceptable behavior, it can make your life miserable.

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What are the Signs of Bullying?

Unless someone tells you they are being bullied or has physical signs it is difficult to tell it is happening. Although there are some things you can look out for:

  • Someone acting differently or anxious
  • Not eating, not sleeping well, or not doing things they normally enjoy doing
  • Being moodier or more easily upset than usual
  • Avoiding normal situations

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Getting help with Bullying

Many children and young people suffer from bullying, if someone you know or you think your child is being bullied or you think your child may be bullying others and you need advice and support from someone else, there are people who can help.

As young people they need to be told to always be aware that bullying is not their fault and things can get better. Ignoring bullying behavior will not make it go away and they needed to tell someone about what is happening.

If bullying is happening in school you can talk to your parents, carer, or a teacher. Your teacher may not be aware of the bullying and schools usually have an anti-bullying policy in place to deal with it.

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to a teacher, then maybe a friend can do it for you on your behalf. In some extreme cases if bullying is affecting your education it may be possible to arrange for you to move schools.

If bullying is happening outside school, talk to a parent, carers, close family relative, or your friend’s parents who can give support. There are also many places you can get advice and support, either online or by phone to talk via a helpline to help with your situation and help you feel safe.

If bullying is happening online as cyberbullying, tell an adult. Some online sites have the facility to report it directly to them such as Facebook or other social media platforms.

If the bullying continues once you have reported it, keep reporting it until it stops! 

Building Confidence Back after Bullying

Being bullied can really affect the confidence of children and young people and it needs to be rebuilt over time. To help rebuild it you can spend time with people who are a positive influence, participate in activities that you find enjoyable to build back strengths and relationships.

How Can Equine Assisted Therapy help with Bullying?

Young people can learn many lessons from the barn and horses, these lessons can help to improve relationships with themselves and others. As awareness increases you will find ways to stop being the bully or being bullied.

Horses can be a willing teacher, healer, and guide.

  • They help build self-trust and trust for others
  • Learn how to safely work together with others
  • Be responsible and accept responsibility
  • Have a newfound clarity of purpose
  • Develop mutual respect
  • Develop Life skills


Horses can be used as therapy for either the bully or the victim. A horse feels no need to hide its reactions or put on a brave face, they will show a completely genuine response if someone tried to communicate with them by shouting. Horses are intuitive and non-judgemental but are also a prey animal so need to know if they can trust you.

This experimental learning will enable a bully to actually see and feel the impact of his or her behavior on others, and recognise their own behavior. This should in turn help them to find a more positive way to communicate with others.

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Why do we use horses for therapy?

Horses are very sensitive and emotionally connected animals. They have the ability to sense our emotions and respond in a very comforting and supportive way.

As horses are from the wild and are prey animals they have heightened skills to read the body language and energies of others to decide if they are a danger or not. Humans often hide what we are feeling or thinking by behaving, acting, dressing, or speaking differently to hide our thoughts and emotions. When you are with a horse there is no hiding as they have the ability to reflect on our patterns of behavior and draw out exactly what we are thinking or feeling.

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If you are a parent or carer who has concerns over a child, you can talk to us for advice about the health and welfare of your children or young person. Please contact us by phone or on the contact page on our website.

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