Family Problems

Equine therapy for family problems

If you have reached this page on our website you may feel you need a little help. Having family problems can be tough.

Family is a blessing that most of us have, it is the rock that stays steady come what may. But it is also a roller coaster ride. There are ups and then there are downs. Life takes us through some unparalleled bends and curves, twists and turns. Even the close knits unravel. And you can overcome all of it by being resolute with a little love from a loved one, or from an animal as we do with the horses at with equine therapy Healing Hearts and Minds. 

Family problems are a part of life, you cannot escape from them. From time to time all family members can irritate us and we all have family issues. It could be any family member, your husband, wife, child, or parents. But we can help you with advice and to deal with it emotionally when you feel it go haywire. You will be astounded to see yourself get calmer within the home. All families fall out from time to time, we can’t agree on everything.

Family problems
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What is equine therapy? 

Equine-facilitated therapy is a therapeutic experience that involves families and individuals working in collaboration with a horse. The therapy allows individuals and families to engage in activities like feeding, grooming and leading a horse while being monitored by a mental health professional and an expert horse handler.

Equine-facilitated therapy and interacting with horses help families explore their feelings and help individuals to connect, communicate and strengthen their personal relationships. 

For various reasons, we tend to hide our feelings and emotions from our loved ones with well-woven words and fake-smiles or even from oneself. 

An equine therapy can help you cope with family problems and the reality. Horses are very instinctive. They sense human emotional energies and feelings. You cannot delude a horse, as they pick up on emotions that lurk beneath the fake-self and mirror them back to you. They respond without pretence and with a therapy like this, you will exactly know where you stand. 

Our therapeutic healing process with horses help you grow mutual trust, affection, empathy, respect, confidence, communication skills and self-control.

Humans tend to be more open and happier while interacting with animals. As they are non-judgmental, unbiased and genuinely affectionate beings. 

How to deal with family problems and overcome them with equine therapy?

More often than not, we fail at the basic yet most vital part of any relationship whether it be a son, daughter or parent. That is communication. It is the glue that holds up every family and relationship together. If you can’t communicate it can cause family problems. Be it your parents, partner or children, proper communication is essential. It is not only for letting the other person know about your needs, it is also about listening. The more time you spend with each other talking about problems the better the understanding and communication between families.

Today, we are surrounded with various digital means that help us communicate with each other on the go despite the distance, yet we forget the fact that we are running the risk of alienating people we live with. Family life can effect both children and parents if they do not communicate effectively. You could experience mental health problems now or later in life if you don’t deal with the family dynamics and issues when they arise.

family issues

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Clashes with partners

More often than not, you encounter arguments at home. Some clear the air. But the bad arguments ruin the environment for everyone. These are the kind of fights that crack up even a rock-solid relationship, and can be so infuriating. The choice of words, the way of communication and how you handle an issue, matters! 

Conflicts in personalities drive everyone crazy. Constant personal clashes with loved ones are hard to deal with. When you do not know how to deal with it, taking a step back and having an emotional mirror.

While you juggle between work and personal life, you tend to fail at balancing both. It can be stressful and nerve-racking at times. But remembering that every problem is like a passing cloud overhead and the blue sky underneath it remains constant no matter what and will appear again soon, is essential. 

Taking a break from the chaotic life once in a while is a necessity. Spending some quality time out in the nature or with animals can be relaxing and rewarding. We offer the same at our centre through our loving horses and help you re-energize and pull yourself back together.

The process of healing with a horse, teaches one to build patience, attention, compassion and responsibility, all of which leads to a greater understanding of themselves and others in their life. 

Parenting, anti-social kids and equine therapy 

You will encounter family life issues in life that you never dreamt of in your wildest dreams. It can be so overwhelming. There is a reason why they say ‘communication is the key’ – it can really help you unlock so many issues in your life. And when you fail at it, there is no better human therapist than a mirroring expert to boost the confidence, help you with self-love and acceptance. 

Being a parent can be very stressful. It is not easy to deal with tantrums that children throw at you. Sometimes you fail to understand them and their needs. Sometimes, they fail to express themselves. Both of which lead to fights and disagreements with children and then the partners. You are bound to have differences, but such issues shouldn’t be the reason that destroys your relationship.

Children growing in such negative family life environment will be impacted mentally. They tend to be anti-social, ignorant, irritated or just aggressive. You can help them overcome the negativity with equine therapy.

Family problems involving children, divorce and disputes effect the mental-stability. All family members can be affected by family issues. The negative impact only worsens mental health. Undergoing an equine therapy can make you feel secure and confident. You will be amazed to see how hugely you benefit from spending time with the horses. 

Benefits and effectiveness of equine therapy

Our approach to things in life and the way we tackle it in the first place is the outcome of every issue there is. Practicing empathy and supporting one another can mellow down most serious problems.  Surrounding yourself with the most empathetic beings like horse can be so calming.

The healing powers of a horse are beyond words, they are truly gifted. You will be surprised to see the positive impact and behavioural changes in your kids after they interact with the horses. Horses are known to be accepting, tolerant, kind, respectful, compassionate, and forgiving. All of these innate equine qualities are utilised in an equine therapy when a horse interacts with a human.

No two snowflakes are same. No two individuals are same. Difference of opinion is a part of life.

But every relationship becomes better when you are well aware of the problems you are facing and you know how to get past them together.

Likewise, every family has flaws, no one is perfect, when the problems are all over the place and you find it hard to cope with, a little love and some comfort can go a long way and overcome even the biggest hurdles in life. 

We at Healing Hearts and Minds help you find a way to deal with such negativities by building trust with a sensitive and affectionate animal like horse, which of course takes time, but so does the healing and empowering process.

Let’s learn to empathize and enhance our quality of life. Thank you for visiting our website.

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