Thinking of Self Harming

Thinking of self-harming

Want to feel better without cutting or harming yourself? 

Self-harm is a way one hurts or injures thyself purposely. Some people may do this to cope with a situation or express how they feel when things get overwhelmed, whilst others may feel like it gives them a sense of control or release. Caring for, interacting and spending time with animals has many proven health benefits and helps you overcome self-harming behaviors. More so with equine therapy that provides people with companionship, comfort and a strong sense of wellbeing, it’s no surprise that these processes are therapeutic.

How to identify self-harming behavior?

Not all self-harming behaviors are easy to identify. More often than not, you will need extra help and support to cope with things in a healthier way if you are purposefully doing something that you know will or could hurt you. 

Some of the self-harming or self-destructive behaviors include cutting oneself with sharp objects, burning with cigarettes or scalding oneself with hot water, getting involved in fights on purpose, exercising excessively, pulling out own hair, punching oneself or other things, eating or drinking poisonous things, or overdosing with tablets.

Why do people self-harm?

You cannot pin point one reason as to why people self-harm. The way you feel or think is as unique as you are. Some people feel self-harming is the way to deal with something that happened in their past. Others do it to cope with something that causes them stress. 

Self-harm is undoubtedly prevalent in our society – especially amongst young people and college students. It’s difficult to know just how many people engage themselves in self-harm mostly because they would not know how to replace the behavior with something else. 

Sometimes, you may not know why you are feeling a certain way. It can be confusing and frustrating. Some day-to-day experiences may affect your ability to cope in a better way and that may lead to developing self-harming thoughts. 

Some commonly encountered reasons include:

  • Increased stress or pressure at school, home or work
  • Emotional, physical or internet bullying 
  • Financial instabilities or unemployment
  • Death of a loved one
  • Changes or a breakdown in your relationship 
  • Confusion about your sexuality
  • Low self-esteem
  • Health problems or illness 
  • Other mental health related conditions including depression, anger-related issues or anxiety

Self-harming can be both distressing for you and your loved ones. Despite of the reason for experiencing such thoughts, remember you are not alone and it is never too late to speak out and seek for help.

What is equine therapy? 

Equine-facilitated therapy is a therapeutic process that involves interaction with a horse. The therapy allows individuals to engage in activities like feeding, grooming and leading a horse while being monitored by a mental health professional and an expert horse handler.

Interaction with horses during equine-facilitated therapy help people explore their feelings, help individuals to calm down, connect, communicate, and strengthen their relationships with others and self. 

Horses are very instinctive. You cannot delude a horse. They sense human emotions and energies that lurk beneath the fake-self and mirror them back to you. They respond without pretence.

Why consider equine therapy?

Self-harming is not a specific mental illness, but it is often linked to mental distress. 

Equine therapy helps you cope with reality in a healthier way. Horses are the most loving and empathetic beings. The way horses respond to you generates a natural reaction and help you be calmer.

The equine therapy will help you learn to be more patient, understanding and loving. Unlike humans, animals don’t hold a grudge. 

Change in the environment can help you overcome such self-mutilating beahviour. It is common for people to self-harm in secret and not let other know because of the fear that their thoughts and feelings aren’t acceptable by others and might also be anxious about what others think. 

The session will encourage you to relax and help you recover in our farm surrounded with greenery, fresh air and our ever-loving horses. The way they respond helps a person to generate natural reaction and try to be more patient or calm in the presence of a horse.

During the sessions, you will be involved in activities like feeding, grooming and leading the horse. Therapy sessions usually takes place in small groups, and you may be given specific tasks to overcome. After which, you get to discuss your experiences and emotions with your therapist.

This equine therapy will teach people how to examine their triggers and develop healthy ways express frustration and other reasons caused due to self-harm. 

Overcoming self-harm behaviour with equine-therapy

Self-harm can be a compulsive behavior that can disrupt someone’s overall functioning due to several reasons and feel the intense urge to engage in self-mutilation.

The equine-therapy helps people overcome self-harming behaviour by creating a foundation for self-love and acceptance. Whether you are an adolescent who is facing image issues, or an employee who is under pressure at the organization or anyone else with any other reason. Self-harming thoughts can affect anyone’s mental state despite the age

At Healing Hearts and Minds, you will feel loved and welcomed by the horses. The equine-assisted therapy will help you develop a greater sense of self-love and self-respect. It strengthens your ability to adapt to the outer world more smoothly whilst overcoming self-destructive behaviours.

The healing powers of a horse cannot be put together in words, they are truly gifted. And that is one of the reasons why horses have been a part of therapeutic process throughout the history.
Horses are known to be accepting, tolerant, kind, respectful, compassionate, and forgiving. You will be surprised to see the positive impact and behavioral changes in you or your loved one after they interact with the horses. 

You will foster a sense of belonging at Healing Hearts and Minds and the therapy will help you get past your emotional instabilities and self-destructive behaviour and open a new dimension in life. 

Come experience a holistic therapy to overcome negative behaviours and develop selflove.

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