Signs of loneliness

There are times in everyone’s life when they feel lonely for a short period of time. Those feelings are usually temporary and not long-lasting. There is a distinct feeling of loneliness among many of us, a feeling that has aggravated lately due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the necessity to remain at home. Remember that […]

How to deal with family problems and overcome them

If you are experiencing problems at home and cannot figure out what’s happening, that’s okay. Everyone goes through that when living in a family. While problems are unavoidable in life, people find ways to deal with them. If you are experiencing problems at home and cannot figure out what’s happening, that’s okay. Everyone goes through […]

How we can help with bullying in schools?

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Every individual has a role to play in preventing school bullying, and most of us have directly or indirectly participated in, witnessed, or experienced bullying behaviors in our school experiences. No matter what aspect of your life you are involved in – as a student, an educational professional, a parent, or a member of the […]

Types of antisocial behavior

The act of blatantly or covertly displaying hostility and intentional aggression towards others is considered antisocial. A person who has a pattern of antisocial behaviour will disregard others’ rights, rebel against authority, commit fraud, or steal, and act recklessly without regard to his or her own safety or the safety of others. Children as young […]

Body Image Issues

Body Image Issues Body image issues Body Image Issues Have you ever wished to change something about your physical appearance or something about your body? Maybe lose or gain a few pounds? If so, you are not the only one. Most people feel discontent with some part of their body and looks, not many people […]

Behavioral Problems

Behavioural Problems Behavioural problems can significantly affect an individual’s life. Regardless of whether you’ve been analyzed since a young age, are worried about noticeable signs in a friend or family member, or are perceiving manifestations in your own life. The approach to treat behavioural problems includes adopting equine-assisted therapy by creating a connection between people […]

Coping with Epilepsy

Coping with Epilepsy Despite all the modernization, broad-mindedness, and advancements in the field of science and medicine, the way society treats a person suffering from an illness of the brain is heart-wrenching. Although people seem to have overcome superstitious beliefs over the years, most people however haven’t quite got adapted to scientific reasoning. Epilepsy is […]


Hippotherapy Are you growing concerned about your children and their progress in reaching developmental milestones? Challenges with motor skills, cognitive or speech skills, or emotional self-control are expected in neuromuscular disorders. Be it your child, a family member, or a friend, hippotherapy and early intervention can meet their varied developmental needs.     What is hippotherapy? […]

Dealing with Depression

Dealing with Depression Life is undoubtedly a roller coaster ride. It is normal to feel blue or become sad when things don’t work the way we expected which leads to disappointments. Day-to-day events and the way we react to them sometimes gate crash our state of well-being and contentment. Most people experience sadness that’s linked […]

Dealing with Loss

Dealing with Loss Losing a loved one or family members can be an overwhelming experience and one of life’s biggest challenges a person has to deal with. The grieving process is a natural process with a major loss, but not everyone can cope with the reality and accept the devastating truth. Animals understand the pain […]