Body Image Issues

Body Image Issues Body Image Issues Have you ever wished to change something about your physical appearance or something about your body? Maybe put on a few pounds or reduce some? If so, you are not the only one. Most people feel discontent with some part of their body and looks. But when you stall […]

Behavioral Problems

Behavioural Problems Behavioural problems can significantly affect an individual’s life. Regardless of whether you’ve been analyzed since a young age, are worried about noticeable signs in a friend or family member, or are perceiving manifestations in your own life. The approach to treat behavioural problems includes adopting equine-assisted therapy by creating a connection between people […]

Coping with Epilepsy

Coping with Epilepsy Despite all the modernization, broad-mindedness, and advancements in the field of science and medicine, the way society treats a person suffering from an illness of the brain is heart-wrenching. Although people seem to have overcome superstitious beliefs over the years, most people however haven’t quite got adapted to scientific reasoning. Epilepsy is […]


Hippotherapy Are you growing concerned about your children and their progress in reaching developmental milestones? Challenges with motor skills, cognitive or speech skills, or emotional self-control are expected in neuromuscular disorders. Be it your child, a family member, or a friend, hippotherapy and early intervention can meet their varied developmental needs.     What is hippotherapy? […]

Dealing with Depression

Dealing with Depression Life is undoubtedly a roller coaster ride. It is normal to feel blue or become sad when things don’t work the way we expected which leads to disappointments. Day-to-day events and the way we react to them sometimes gate crash our state of well-being and contentment. Most people experience sadness that’s linked […]

Dealing with Loss

Dealing with Loss Losing a loved one or family members can be an overwhelming experience and one of life’s biggest challenges a person has to deal with. The grieving process is a natural process with a major loss, but not everyone can cope with the reality and accept the devastating truth. Animals understand the pain […]

Difficulty Coping with Life

Difficulty Coping with Life Everyday life, as we all know is a bumpy ride with never-ending ups and downs along the road. That is the way of life. However, not everyone can cope with this bitter-sweet reality. Insecurities, stress, and inferiority can lead to difficulty coping with general life. Managing stress can be dealt with […]